Your first visit to the Highfield Practice

When you come to see us we take a case history first of all. We ask you the story behind the symptoms, how they developed, whether they came on recently or a long time ago and what makes them better or worse. We also need to know about your present state of health and your past medical history.

We then usually ask you to change down to your underwear. You’re welcome to bring a friend along if you would feel more comfortable. We like to see how you stand and move and then we will carry out an examination testing the muscles, joints etc until we have made a diagnosis. We normally treat patients on their first appointment and we might also discuss with you your job, your car, what activities you do and a few other things that might be relevant to your recovery.

Our fees are

  • First consultation (approximately one hour, in which a thorough case history, examination, diagnosis and, almost always, treatment, are given): £54.00
  • Subsequent visits (approximately 30 minutes): £37.00
  • Subsequent visits requiring a double appointment: £45.00