The Highfield Osteopathic Practice

Principal – Daphne Jackson DO, MSc(Ost), MSCC

The Highfield Osteopathic Practice was established in 1974 and moved to its present premises in 2003. Our Appleby Road practice has parking, and facilities and access for disabled patients.

Patients come to us from a very wide area and Daphne set up the Killington practice in her home in 2000, to cater for patients who come from East Cumbria and Yorkshire, often from Leyburn and beyond.

We treat all ages, from babies to the elderly, and our work covers much more than just ‘bad backs’. Patients come with painful knees, feet, shoulders, jaws and with headache, sinusitis, breathing pattern disorders, vertigo, ME and childhood complaints. We use both the cranial and the traditional structural approach.

Our practice is regulated by the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC), a state registered body. The GOsC sets the standard for osteopathic education and requires us to keep up-to-date- with a yearly programme of continuing professional development

Daphne Jackson DO, MSc(Ost), MSCC

Daphne Jackson
Daphne Jackson

Daphne is a third generation osteopath. Her grandparents trained under the founder, AT Still, and her parents and many of her relations followed them into the profession. Until recently, they were the largest family of osteopaths in the world. Her mother was a pioneer of cranial osteopathy, bringing it to Britain in the 1940s.

Daphne qualified in osteopathy in 1972 and moved up to Kendal in 1974, where she has worked ever since.

As well as working in the traditional, structural, way, Daphne practises cranial osteopathy (she is a Member of the Sutherland Cranial College). She works with breathing pattern disorders, jaw problems and vertigo as well as the more ‘normal’ conditions.

When Daphne isn’t working she has a large vegetable garden, a flock of hens and a very small wood. She also enjoys reading and cycling.